Top 10 College Budgeting Sites

Although the decision to go to college may be an easy one for many, establishing a financial plan that supports the decision, and sticking to it, is rarely done without sacrifice. The team here at FinancialPlannerWorld knows this as well as anybody. That’s why we want to take the time to recognize the websites that help aspiring students and their families make well-informed decisions about saving for college, and the best ways to enjoy college life while surviving on a student’s budget.

Congrats to the Winners of FinancialPlannerWorld Top College Budgeting Sites is a website dedicated to providing huge discounts on things like trendy clothes, food and electronics. These offers are exclusively for college students. CollegeBudget also offers money saving benefits on large purchases like textbooks and student loans. Ultimately, wants to help lower the cost of tuition and make a difference in the amount students pay for their education. was started on the foundation of personal budgeting difficulties. There are many programs out there that help people organize their finances, but many are difficult to use. provides easy to use software that helps people identify areas where they can save money. even provides a dedicated college budget program to assist students in making the most of their limited funds. is a simple and easy-to-navigate blog that provide helpful articles about college budgeting. It also provides a list of money saving links that can help college students stretch their dollar. This website’s articles are worth reading with real world advice packed into each one. provides an array of helpful tips on everything a college student could need. Some of the most important information provided by the website is their college budget tips. For the majority of college students, money is in short supply. gives real world advice that can help college students get through college while limited the debt they occur.

Being a college student can become overwhelmingly expensive. Making the most of your dollar is required to afford anything past tuition. is an online magazine written for and by university women. It keeps women up-to-date on the latest trends, resources and advice to make the most of their college experiences and limited funds. is a great website for daily articles on saving college students money. Every article that we have encountered has been entertaining and helpful. The website is simple and easy to navigate. was created to help students access and manage their student loans all in one simple place. Their blog serves as another tool to help college students stretch their dollar.

Internqueen is quickly becoming the best place for college students to find internships and learn about what it takes to make it in a very competitive job market. Not only does provide job information, it also lists helpful financial tips for college students on a budget. Students can stay ahead of the curve with the information provides. provides students with up-to-date articles, tips and discussions on college life, study tips, productivity and most importantly, money saving tips. The website is easy to navigate and provides useful budget advice. We especially liked the variety of information that we could easily find.

Simple, helpful and bookmarked are things that can describe It was simple to navigate, easy to find loads of helpful budget information and we instantly bookmarked this site so that we could return frequently to see new and fun budget advice articles is a company and website dedicated to helping college students and the parents of college students save thousands on college education. Their approach is different than most financial planners.  focuses on a more complete way of budgeting for college. Their website provides frequent articles and information that is always a great read.