Newcomers to Currency Trading

The forex market is a fast-paced trading field with many outside influences to track and analyze. It can take some time for a newcomer to get his feet wet in currency trading. The best way to begin is to open a practice account at any of the online forex brokers.

A practice account is an ideal way to gain experience without the risk. A practice account is funded with “virtual” money with which the newcomer can make trades. This type of  hands-on experience with the actual price action of the forex market is excellent preparation for real-life currency trading.

Because currency prices change so rapidly, even every second or minute, it is helpful to become accustomed to the flow of the market at different times of day and how assorted currency pairs differ from each other. The newcomer can also observe how the release of current news and economic data causes prices to fluctuate or decline as well.

Other Benefits of Beginning with a Practice Account

  • Gain understanding of how margin trading and leverage works.
  • Trade in real market conditions without losing any real money.
  • Try out various trading strategies and evaluate their effectiveness, risk-free.
  • Experience different orders and the management of open positions.
  • Analyze charts and use technical indicators.
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Consider opening multiple practice accounts, using a few different forex brokers. This is valuable because each broker has its own trading policies, charting and research packages. This gives experience with different broker’s offerings, allowing the newcomer to try out brokers before he commits to using their services.

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