Ohio Financial Planner Becomes Million-Dollar Producer While Fighting Cancer

An Ohio man has turned his lifelong interest in finance and investing into a successful financial planning business. This amazing feat is not his only success, as he also reached his goal of being a million-dollar financial producer – all while battling cancer.

Todd Bury recalls his first foray into the financial world when he was just 11-years-old. He took his savings of $491 and invested it based on his father’s suggestion. Unfortunately the company he invested in went bankrupt and he lost his entire savings. The loss only encouraged him to find out why some investments fail and others succeed.

Shortly after his first venture went sour, Bury’s mother passed away from cancer leaving his father to raise Bury and his five siblings. His father sold his business and invested the proceeds with the help of a financial planner. Bury’s interest intensified once he saw the other side of the coin and watched the success of his father’s investments.

By the time he was a sophomore in college, Bury had his first client and opened up his own financial planning business. He was given his chance by a professor who allowed him to manage $200,000 of her money. At the time of his graduation he already had a client base and had obtained his RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) license. More than 20 years later he has more than $140 million dollars in assets under management through his company, Bury Financial Group.

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At age 42, he had a five-year goal to become a million-dollar producer by taking in one million dollars of revenue in one year. That’s when he received his cancer diagnosis.

Instead of rolling over and giving up, he persevered and worked even harder to reach his goal. He pushed his goal forward and achieved it in one year instead of five.

Bury attributes his success both financially and medically to attitude saying, “What I took away is that attitude is everything.”