Apps Developed Exclusively to Address the Time Management Struggles of Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors need help too, especially when it comes to time management. And since smartphones are literally no more than a second away from most people during normal waking hours, it only made sense that someone would design an app (or several, in this case) specifically to address the time-management and scheduling needs of busy financial advisors.

Emails, phone calls and appointments are all things that Financial Advisors juggle on a daily basis, which is why John Vanderheyden developed AdvisorComplete, a comprehensive tool that vastly simplifies life for Financial Advisors, leaving them with more time to focus on delivering value to their clients.

eMoney Advisor, another app designed with Financial Advisors in mind, includes features like goal planning, data analytics and overviews. The main benefit, however, is that it doesn’t interfere with other organizing tools and systems that advisors may already be running. Alison Murray of New York-based Snowden Lane Partners admits that the app is of tremendous help for the advisers at her firm.

Scheduling appointments has never been easier for Atlanta-based Advisor Russ Thornton, who is also the Founder of Wealthcare for Women. He recommends ScheduleOnce, which lets Financial Advisors schedule appointments without ever making a single call. The app syncs with an advisors calendar and sends their clients a choice of dates that are available, so they can pick a time and date that is best suited for their own individual availability. Thornton admits that the app is a huge timesaver since it cuts down on the time an advisor would normally spend on the phone trying to set up appointments.

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Other equally impressive apps are specialized in handling emails and pinpointing the most efficient use of an advisor’s time. With the latest advances in technology, there is no telling how much more efficient the financial advisors of the future will become.