Top Jobs in the World of Finance

Every business needs someone to take care of money invested. In order for a business to be successful, a company’s money needs to be managed efficiently and effectively. Company financials need to be detailed and organized.

This article will discuss some of the best jobs in finance, all averaging more than $60K annually.

Management Analysts, also called consultants work to help improve the efficiency of a business’s finances. Their goal is to find ways to make the business more profitable, by lowering overall costs and growing the total revenue.

Financial Analyst roles are also growing faster than the average job. This position would offer assistance to the business and any individuals in regards to investments. A financial analyst would be responsible for monitoring and analyzing stock, bonds and other investment performances.

Financial Examiners are hired in order to monitor compliance in regards to financial laws and transactions. Their primary responsibilities would be to; determine loan risk levels, assess the bank and continually go over balance sheets.

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Personal Financial Adviser’s is a rapidly growing field. People in this type of position offer financial advice to families and individuals (whoever has hired them). It is their role to offer assistance with taxes, insurance and investments.

A Market Research Analyst is another rapidly growing field. In this job, you will closely monitor the market (local, regional or national). The goal is to determine the potential of a certain product or service. Market Research Analysts help to determine who will buy a certain product and how much they will pay.

No matter which position you choose – whether one of the options listed above or any of the many other opportunities available in finance – the field is rapidly growing.