Enhancing your Finance Career through Volunteer Work

In addition to serving your community and doing something worthwhile and valuable for others in need, volunteer work can augment your finance career and serve as a resume builder.

Here are just a few of the volunteering options that may prove beneficial for the finance professional:

Local Non-profit Boards

Volunteering on a local non-profit board provides finance professionals with a number of professional opportunities and allows them to build professional relationships and network with others in their field. From school committees to church and social club boards, there are a plethora of opportunities in this area. The visible position allows financial professionals to gain a higher profile in their community and increase their credibility, both of which may lead to more professional referrals.

Income Tax Preparation

There are a large number of programs designed to provide income tax assistance to low-income individuals.  IRS-certified professionals serve as volunteers for individuals who are in need of tax counseling and tax return preparation. For many finance professionals, income tax preparation and counseling also gives them a greater understanding of tax issues, which often helps them better serve their clients.

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Local Community Colleges

A good volunteer opportunity for financial planners can often be found at local community colleges, as planners are often welcomed who are willing to serve as financial educators for the students or as tutors in programs such as accounting, economics, math, and finance. Many accounting or finance programs seek out professionals in the industry who can serve as mentors and counsel students on their career paths.

Community/Social Groups

Volunteering to speak at local community and social groups is ideal for financial planners looking to build their presence in their community. For example, financial planners may choose to speak at local senior citizen groups about retirement or estate planning. These kinds of volunteer activities offer financial planners a chance to showcase their professional skills and educate individuals within the community on a number of topics related to their specific demographics.